Proudly featuring Pearlman Microphones - "Tube Micrphones made in the classic style"


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Our Gear & Our Clients


`67 Rickenbacker 12-string;

`71 Les Paul Deluxe;

Custom-built Tele bass;

`72 Guild 12-string acoustic;

2-Taki 6 acoustic`s (eg-334/eg-15);

Custom-built Telecaster;

`81 Fender Strat;

Charvel (US made) Strat;

Epiphone Les Paul Standard;

`50`s Silvertone lap steel;

`68 Gibson ES-175;

`50`s Les Paul TV-special;

`58 Gibson J-45; Seville 12-string;

Rogue Resonator;

Yamaha Dove acoustic;

`61 Gibson student acoustic;

Kamoa ukelele;

Ancient Harmony slide gtr;

Kramer Focus.

Custom-Built GigaStudio PC;

Cubase SX recording software; Tannoy Monitors;

Avantone Mix Cubes;

2 Audient ASP 008`s (16 channels of mic pre`s);

GT "the brick" Mic-pre;

Audient "Black" Mic-pre;

Stewart MP-2 Mic-pre; Altec Vintage Mic-pre; Audient Summo amp;

GT custom shop M-S Matrix Decoder; MOTU 24 I/O; LA Audio SPX20; Audient "Black" EQ; Audient

"Black" ADC; Audient "Black" comp; Alesis 3630 comp/limiter; DBX 166a comp/limiter;

Drawmer LX20

comp/limiter; BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer; Lexicon Reflex reverb unit; Alesis Midiverb 3;

DSP 128 digitalprocessor; Alesis Midiverb 2; Rane Headphone amp; Alesis Wedge reverb;

Digitech Vocalist vhm 5;

ART tube comp,


Tascam 3440 1/4 in 4 trk;

Tascam 38 1/2 in 8-trk;

Tascam DA-30 DAT;

Tascam 122mk3 cassette;

2- Alesis M20 ADATS

Pearlman TM-1;

GT/ Alesis tube;

GT Velo-8 ribbon mic;

The Wedge condenser mic;

GA project R-1 Mk2 ribbon;

2-GT Psm1 tube mics;

2-CAD equitek E-350 mics;

AKG 414; Avantone CK-1;

DPA mics; Avantone CR-14;

plus other assorted mics (Shure`s, etc)


Alesis QS-8; AKG mpk 49;

Yamaha SY-22 synth

Fender Hot-Rod Deluxe (modified);

`66 Fender Bassman (w/ 2-12 btm);

David Eden Bass rig;

Line 6 Pod XT;

Line 6 Flextone;

Fender 15-g;

Original Ampeg Jet;

Pevey Encore 65

MANY assorted guitar effects.

Terry Butler

The Heat Brothers

Derek Oneil

Major Cornell


The Acoustic Brothers

Kelly Hull;

GK and the Hardships