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We provide full production services:

 :: Recording

 :: Arrangement

 :: Vocal production specialist


We cater to singer/songwriters and bands. We have a great "live" Drum room and an "A' list roster of session players available.


For more information or to book

your first session, contact:


Greg Kramer 626-914-2245

Greg Kramer (Owner/Operator)

Greg has over 35 years experience in recording and production in diverse genre's including; Rock, Pop, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Contemporary Christian Worship and others. He has also worked with producers, James Guthurie, Barry Randolph, Daniel Moore, and Al Blazek, just to name a few. Being an accomplished Musician/Songwriter and exceptional Vocalist, Greg brings these attributes to every project, including yours.


Chris Walsh (Mixing Engineer)

Chris has over 40 years experience in engineering production and mastering. He has run many studios over the years and has worked for major labels such as Warner Bros, Electra-Asylum and Artista, just to name a few. Chris has a rare gift: the ability to take your mix from good, all the way to great.


Chris has been a very lucky man. An almost lifelong musician, he became a teen-aged guitar player in San Francisco's psychedelic sixties (playing with the London Raiders, The Rubiyat and Mint Tattoo along the way) he wandered back to Los Angeles in 1969. This led to running a nightclub called Thee Experience, eventually leading to managing the Troubadour. Leaving to be a tour manager he was side-tracked by some demo recording sessions. Russ Reagan at 20th Century Records liked the recordings and dubbed Chris a producer. Then an opportunity came to become a staff engineer at Elektra/Asylum. Other studio positions included running Warner Bros Publishing studio in the early eighties and private rooms for Rick Rosas (Bass Player Rick from Joe Walsh & Neil Young) and David Weber (Copperhead).

Greg & Chris


SofaSongs is a unique recording experience. Located in Glendora, in the east San Gabriel Valley, it's where state-of-the-art digital technology, coupled with analog equipment, come together in a friendly professional environment, designed to enhance your creativity. Basically; great gear with a great vibe.

SofaSongs has been in existence for 9 years; 5 as a private facility. But now we are accepting outside clients as well! You will find our rates to be fair and competitive, without compromising your quality.